Funrize Casino Review – Is Funrize Safe For US Players?

Funrize Casino Review – Is Funrize Safe For US Players?

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Last updated on February 20th, 2024

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Funrize Casino made waves when it launched online gaming in 2022. Boasting over 100 popular titles like slots, fishing games, and Keno, Funrize will satisfy players of every type.

Its Return to Player (RTP) percentage stands out at an astonishing 96.01%, suggesting fair play and an equal opportunity to win for both NetEnt and NetGame game providers.

Although this service is incredible, it is only available to certain people within the U.S. For residents living in Michigan, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, or Washington D.C., you may have to find another place where they can play bingo.

However, if you live outside these areas and would like an honest Funrize review to help decide whether it is worth your time, please read below.

Quick Overview: Funrize Sweepstakes Casino Review

funrize casino homepage

Funrize Casino, an essential participant in the online gambling arena, was launched in 2022. It offers over 100 games, including slot machines, fishing games, and Keno.

It stands out due to its highest return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.01 percent. This is mainly thanks to software providers such as NetEnt and NetGame.

Funrize is a primarily play-for-fun site focused on entertainment with no real money gambling. This stress-free gaming experience is ideal for those seeking entertainment without risking money.

In addition to various games, Funrize also offers many distinct features. The Tournament Mode allows for competitive games, while the Promotional Mode provides a more complete gaming experience.

The Referral Program and the Leveling System encourage player engagement and community-building. The platform also offers exciting Races and daily rewards like the “wheel” feature and friendly Live Chat Support for users.

In short, Funrize Casino is a legitimate, fun-oriented sweepstakes gaming platform. It offers an array of games and distinctive features catering to many online players across the U.S.

What Is Funrize Casino?

Funrizes sweepstakes Gaming platform is a website created solely for fun and entertainment, not gambling. It lets you experience the excitement and thrills of casino games that can be played without needing real money. This unique approach allows users to play casino-like games just for fun.

Alongside this, within the Funrize Casino App, players can try various games, including slots, fishing games, and Keno. While these games are based on the look and feel of traditional casino games, they operate on a fun-play model, meaning there is no chance of making real money.

Who Owns Funrize Casino?

The name is a trademark owned by A1 Development, LLC. A1 Development, LLC, was established in 2022 and has carved out a niche in the online game industry. Through Funrize, they have created a space that combines the excitement of gambling with the security and convenience of a sweepstakes gaming website.

How Does Funrize Casino Work?

Funrize Casino offers two exciting ways to play the game: Tournament Mode and Promotional Mode.

Let us look at what each mode is about.

Tournament Mode

In Tournament Mode, you use Tournament Coins in the gameplay, a virtual currency exclusive to Funrize. Players can use these coins to get into various games and even participate in Funrize’s tournaments.

However, it is essential to remember that these coins, regardless of whether they are bought or accumulated, do not have any value beyond the platform and cannot be converted into actual money.

Promotional Mode

Promotional mode, on the contrary, is available after purchasing Tournament Coins. This mode lets players use promotional entries that are distinct from tournament coins.

These entries are usually received as a reward with the purchase of Tournament Coins. Other methods can also acquire them but cannot be purchased directly.

However, like Tournament Mode, with Promotional Mode, you cannot win anything of monetary value. It allows you to play for longer with different credits but does not let you win real money.

All Funrize Games

funrize casino games

As we dive further into the Funrize Casino experience, it becomes clear that the essence and heart of the platform is its wide range of games. These games, which range from traditional slots to ingenious mini-games, are designed to appeal to various tastes, ensuring that there is something for every player.


The Funrize slots collection is lively with different styles and themes, providing an immersive experience for gamers who love slots. These games form the core of the Funrize gaming experience, with various themes that take players to the ancient sands of Egypt to vibrant tropical celebrations.

Titles like “Ocean Party” provide the peace and intrigue of the sea’s depths to your screen. At the same time ‘The Book Of Nile will take you on an adventure through the rich background of Ancient Egypt. “Farmer Bill” offers an insight into the rural lifestyle, and ‘Dragon Sevens provides a touch of magical fantasy. Big Catch Bonanza rounds out this diversified collection with its deep-sea adventure premise.

Every game within the Funrize slot collection is designed with attention to detail, bringing every theme to life. The graphics and music are adapted to the theme, creating an immersive world where players can get lost. This variety of slot games guarantees that no matter if you love classic slot games or want something new and thrilling, you can play them.


Recognizing the rising trend of games resembling fishing in sweepstakes casinos, the Funrize Casino App has a tonne. In contrast to traditional casino games, these games offer an exciting experience in which players search for underwater treasures.

In games like ‘Fishing Kingdom’ and its updated version, players must capture fish appearing on the screen. Every catch, particularly the more difficult to catch, can bring more lucrative rewards. Alongside this, you have other “fishing” games. Games like Candy Heroes give a sweet twist to the fishing genre, and “Thunder Fishing” also does.

These fishing games offer more than an opportunity to win; they are a chance to play in a lively arcade-style gaming experience. They provide a distinct deviation from the norm that appeals to players who love engaging and skilled gaming.


To meet the growing demand for games resembling many top options, Funrize introduced ‘Dragon Keno’ to its mini-games. Keno, a mix of bingo and lottery, provides a relaxing yet enjoyable gaming experience. Players choose numbers from a pool 80, hoping they match the random numbers. This game of chance is ideal for those looking for an easy game that gives the thrill of possible winnings.


For those drawn by the thrill of huge payouts, the jackpot games of Funrize, such as ‘Money Temple Diamond Shot’ and Wild Safari, are a great fit. These games are built around big winnings and add new excitement to the game. Every jackpot game has been created with a distinctive theme and feature, providing different ways to win the jackpot.

“Money Temple” is an adventure for players to discover ancient treasures, and ‘Diamond Shot’ is dazzling with sparkling jewels. Wild Safari offers the excitement of an African safari and the excitement of playing the big game – and, in this case, huge wins.

In all these games, the common feature is the potential for huge payouts, which gives each session a chance to win a life-changing prize. These games are not just about fun. They are also about the possibility of a big win.

Top Funrize Casino Features

Although many games are available on this platform, the functions of Funrize Casino extend further. In our Funrize Casino review, we have identified several notable features on this platform.

Here are some of our top features that make Funrize an excellent platform:

Tournament Mode

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Funrize is the Tournament Mode. This mode allows players to use Tournament Coins, a virtual currency for various games.

These coins can be collected through gameplay or purchased, and they are the heart of the Funrize experience. However, it is essential to remember that these tokens are merely symbolic and do not have any real-world worth.

The most appealing feature for players in Tournament Mode is the ability to participate in different Funrize tournaments. These tournaments allow players to compete in a setting where they can test their skills against other players, which adds thrill to gaming.

Promotional Mode

Promotional mode, however, becomes available after the first purchase of Tournament Coins.

In this mode, players use Promotional Entries, which are different from Tournament Coins. These entries are typically received as a bonus with the purchase of Tournament Coins. They can also be obtained through alternative methods rather than being bought directly.

Without question, the Promotional Mode is unique. Players can engage in Funrize’s promotional games without mandatory purchases or payments, improving the gaming experience.

Referral Program

Like the above, Funrize’s Referral Program is another innovative feature. Through sharing with friends, players can reap the advantages of 2,500 free entries and 900,000 Funrize free coins.

The process is easy and flexible – take an image of the Q.R. code. Then, copy the promotional code or create the link to invite friends. The process can be accomplished directly or via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

It is designed to reward users who expand the Funrize community and to provide additional rewards as the network grows. This not only impro improves the user’s experience but also creates the healing of community and enjoyment.

Leveling System

As we continue our Funrize Casino review, we must know the platform’s Leveling System feature. Each time you level up, you earn new opportunities and rewards. This strategy is intended to increase your chances of winning and improve your experience playing.

For instance, the Lucky Spin feature can significantly increase the odds of winning. In addition, you have access to Exclusive Offers, which include limited-time super coin bundles with special discounts. Another benefit of leveling up is Free Coins, allowing you to explore the platform with an additional boost.

The Leveling System works on an XP (experience points) basis. For example, playing 10 Promotional Entries at Bronze status earns you 20 XP; with Silver and Gold, the same act will make you 1000 and 100 XP; coins can also give the player XP regardless of status.

But there is an extra twist – the status level is reset monthly. If you reach a level higher during the month, you begin each month with the top level of your new status. If you still need to, you will return to your previous status.

To participate in this program, ensure your profile is set and your email address and telephone number are verified. Be aware that playing any game, except Fishing Games, can count towards your XP.


Another feature of our Funrize sweepstakes casino review is the Races feature, which provides the thrill of competition on the platform. This configuration creates a lively and fast-paced gaming environment in which every move is a game.

You are not playing against the game; you are competing against other players, trying to rise the leaderboard to earn the glory and rewards. These Races are ideal for those who thrive under pressure and appreciate the excitement of a challenge.

They also provide an excellent chance for athletes to show their abilities, plan, and earn rewards, making every race an event worth looking for.

Daily Bonuses

One of the most notable features of Funrize Casino is its daily bonus offers. Of these bonuses, the regular “wheel” bonus is lovely. Every day, players are offered a wheel of fortune, poised to give players a chance to win additional entries or coins.

The thrill is not only in the potential prizes but also in the excitement it brings to every login. These Funrize free sweeps bring an element of anticipation and excitement into the everyday gaming experience.

Live Chat Support

The Live Chat Support feature complements the features we described in Funrize Casino. This feature is an essential improvement to the user’s experience by providing immediate assistance.

If you need help or have questions, you can contact Live Chat Support, which is just an easy click away, ensuring the gaming experience you enjoy is seamless and enjoyable.

Game Variety

In addition to the many playing options, such as Tournament and Promotional Modes, Funrize Casino excels further with its various games. This variety is crucial to keeping the platform lively and exciting.

From the classic appeal of slot machines to the more contemporary attraction of fish games, there is a game to suit every type of gaming. The variety of options ensures that players find something that fits their needs, whether seeking a fun and quick game or a complete gaming experience.

This commitment to providing extensive and diverse game options is a testimony to Funrize’s commitment to catering to a wide range of players and ensuring a constantly engaging and innovative gaming experience.

Current Funrize Casino Bonuses

funrize current bonuses

We have explored the distinctive characteristics of Funrize Casino. Let us concentrate on another element that will enhance your gaming enjoyment: Funrize Casino bonuses.

Personal Offer

The Personal Offer is perfect for those eager to plunge into the Funrize world. The price is about $30; this package includes 900,000 coins and 3,750 entries.

It is an excellent choice for those who wish to get the most out of their gaming right from the beginning. This deal mainly benefits players interested in exploring the wide variety of games and actively participating in the various races and tournaments Funrize provides.

This “Most Popular” deal is the best option to balance benefits and costs. The agreement offers 700,000 coins as well as 2,600 entries for $20.

It is the ideal gaming experience for many players, offering an impressive increase in your gaming assets without making a considerable investment. This is especially attractive to frequent gamers on the site who want constant value in the gaming experience.

Invite Friends Program

The Invite Friends Program at Funrize Casino provides a social aspect to your playing experience. You and your friends gain through the referral if you introduce your people to Funrize Casino. For each friend who joins, you get up to 900,000 coins and up to 2,500 entries. However, note that this is shared with your friend.

Sharing these rewards creates community, making playing on Funrize an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. It is an excellent method to increase your gaming circle while reaping significant rewards.

Funrize Races

In addition to the regular games, Funrize Races provides a competitive edge to the platform. These races focus on strategy, skill, and speed. Participating in these races will allow you to participate in the prize pool of 30,000 entries.

The competitive nature of these races attracts players who like the thrill of competing against others. The huge prize pool can add to the thrill. This feature not only tests your skills at gaming but also gives you the chance to earn massive rewards.

Once A Day Offer

To keep the gaming experience exciting and fresh, Funrize introduces the Once A Day Offer. This feature lets you spin a wheel daily and win entries and coins for free.

The improbability of the prizes you could be able to win every day adds a sense of excitement and surprise to your gaming experience on Funrize. It is an easy and efficient way to keep players entertained and excited for their next gaming session.

Sign Up Bonus

The Funrize sign-up bonus will warmly welcome any new player on the platform. When you sign up, with or without a Funrize casino promo code, you will be given a generous bonus of 75,000 dollars.

The first boost is a fantastic way for beginners to explore the many games and features on Funrize. Without question, it demonstrates the platform’s commitment to providing a pleasurable and satisfying experience right from the beginning.

These bonus offers, such as the attractive Funrize promo code with no deposit offers, are essential in improving the gaming experience when playing at Funrize Casino. They have been designed to accommodate different preferences and styles of playing.

Also, it is essential to note that you do not need Funrize Casino bonus codes to gain access to these. If you sign up for the platform, you will get invited and guided to use the Funrize Casino non-deposit bonuses.

Funrize Casino Payment Options

When it comes to handling transactions, Funrize casino payments are straightforward and user-friendly, accommodating a variety of payment methods.

Funrize Deposits

For deposits, Funrize Casino supports several options. In this Funrize review, we found that players can use Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Trustly, and other online banking methods. This range of choices allows players to select the most convenient and preferred transaction method.

Funrize Withdrawals

It is important to note that withdrawals are not a feature of sweepstakes casinos, including Funrize. As a play-for-fun platform, Funrize does not offer real-money gambling, which means there are no options to withdraw cash or winnings. This means you cannot cash out with Funrize.

Funrize Pros and Cons

The Funrize review would only be complete with a section on pros and cons. Below, we will go over the positives and negatives of the platform so that you do not need to.

Funrize Casino Pros

One of the most notable aspects of the Funrize review is the excellent welcome package for new players. The attractive introduction will welcome new players and boost them significantly to kick off their gaming journey.

Another noteworthy benefit is Funrize’s user interface, which is simple and easy to use. The layout and design of the website are easy to use, which makes it easy for users to use the platform and discover their preferred games.

Furthermore, the wide variety of games, including exciting fishing games, numerous slot machines, and Keno, ensures that Funrize can meet a wide selection of gamers, making the experience diverse and enjoyable.

Funrize Casino Cons

However, we have to admit that the Funrize review also uncovers some shortcomings. Notably, the platform does not offer mobile device applications, which could be problematic for players who like playing on the go.

The absence of a mobile application implies that players must connect to the casino via the web browser, which provides a different level of convenience than a dedicated application.

Another issue is the need for table games. Funrize has an excellent record of offering various unique slot machines and games. Players looking for traditional table games such as blackjack, roulette, or poker need help finding them readily available.

Is Funrize Casino Legit?

After reading this article, you are likely considering the site’s authenticity. After all, Funrize is entirely free to play.

Let us tackle this critical question: Is Funrize Casino Legit?

Based on our in-depth analysis and insights from numerous Funrize reviews of sweepstakes casinos, the answer is a resounding YES.

Funrize Casino is an authentic sweepstakes gaming site focusing primarily on entertainment, not real-money gambling. This distinction is crucial as it is within the ethical and legal rules of casinos that are social.

The credibility of Funrize’s services is demonstrated by its commitment to providing an enjoyable and safe atmosphere for users. This includes offering wide games, ensuring an open and transparent operation, and receiving consistently positive feedback from players.

The casino’s strategy for gaming, with a focus on the enjoyment and social aspect over the stakes of money, is compatible with the legal structure that governs sweepstakes casinos. Funrize Casino has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable platform within the online gaming industry by prioritizing safety for players and fair gameplay.

In short, if you are looking for an online casino that can provide a variety of games in a safe, fair, and enjoyable environment, Funrize Casino is undoubtedly an option you can trust. Their commitment to giving top-quality gaming experiences meets the demands of players on the market for sweepstakes casinos, making it a good choice for your gaming ventures.

How to Register at Funrize Casino

If you want to play the features and games we’ve discussed in Funrize Casino, the first step is to sign up to create an account. Let us guide you through the procedure step-by-step to ensure an effortless registration experience.

  1. Locate the Sign-up Button: Visit Funrize Casino login, usually displayed in the left corner.
  2. Select Your Sign-up Method: After clicking the sign-up button, several registration methods will be available. Whether using email or Google, signing up can take seconds.
  3. Enter Your Details: When signing up for email, some basic information must be filled out, such as providing your email address and creating a password.
  4. Verification: After entering your details, the next important step should be verification. You will need to click a link sent directly to your inbox. This will validate your email address and complete this step.
  5. Provide Additional Information: Once your email has been verified, extra information such as your phone number and address may be required to authenticate you further and ensure the security of your account.
  6. Agree to Terms and Conditions: Before finalizing your Funrize Casino registration, read and understand its Terms and Conditions. Take this time carefully to grasp its rules and policies fully.
  7. Complete Registration: After accepting the terms, complete your registration. Afterward, you will be directed to your Funrize Casino account dashboard to explore the games and features available.

If you follow these easy steps, you’ll be ready to experience the benefits of Funrize Casino. Signing up to create an account is the initial step in achieving an exciting gaming experience at this well-known sweepstakes casino.

Funrize Casino Review – FAQs

This section will address some frequently asked questions about Funrize Casino, providing clear and concise answers to help you better understand this gaming platform.

Can you win real money at Funrize Casino?

No, you cannot win real money at Funrize Casino. The platform focuses solely on entertainment. As a play-for-fun website, Funrize is dedicated to the amusement and does not offer real-money gambling or any chances to win real money through gameplay.

Is Funrize Casino available everywhere in the U.S.?

Funrize Casino is widely accessible in the U.S., but it is important to note that it is not available for players from certain states. Specifically, Michigan, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington D.C. residents cannot play at Funrize Casino. This complies with the local laws and regulations of these regions.

What is the Funrize Casino software?

Funrize Casino’s gaming content is predominantly powered by NetGame Entertainment, known for its high-quality game designs. Launched in 2019, NetGame has quickly gained popularity, especially for its games optimized for mobile play on Android and iOS devices. However, an exception to this is the fish arcade game, which uses a different software provider.

Is Funrize Casinos’ support good?

Yes, Funrize Casino offers robust support to its players. Their customer service includes options like live chat and email support, ensuring players’ queries and issues are addressed promptly and effectively. This commitment to player support is a significant aspect of the Funrize casino support experience.

Can you play for free at Funrize Casino?

Yes, you can play for free at Funrize Casino. The platform is designed to entertain without cost, allowing players to enjoy various games without financial commitments.

What Payment Methods Are Available for Purchases?

Understanding that convenience is vital for players, Funrize accommodates various payment options. These include major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard and online banking methods like Trustly.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Playing at Funrize Casino?

Age restrictions are a critical aspect of responsible gaming. At Funrize Casino, players are required to be at least 18 years old. This age requirement aligns with the legal standards for social gaming and may be subject to variation based on local laws and regulations.

Can Players Set Limits on Their Gaming Activity?

The platform offers players the ability to set limits on their gaming activity. This feature allows players to manage their gaming time and expenditure, promoting a balanced and responsible approach to gaming.


Our Funrize Casino review reveals a platform that stands out in social gaming.

It is a “Play-for-fun” site that focuses on entertainment without the risks of gambling real money. It allows users to play beloved classic casino games without any monetary risk. Without question, it is an excellent solution for many who want to have casino entertainment without the risk of losing money.

Alongside this, it is a legitimate platform. Though it cannot be played in Michigan, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington D.C., it can be played anywhere else in the U.S. This coverage is exceptional, especially for a casino that only opened in 2022.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, why not give it a go? After all, it’s free. Start by creating an account today and exploring this new sweepstakes casino.

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Funrize Casino Review – Is Funrize Safe For US Players?