Last updated on February 29th, 2024

This blog post compares Pulsz vs Chumba Casino. It takes an in-depth look at their games, bonuses, and overall experiences. This lets you select which platform best meets your gaming preferences.

Pulsz and Chumba Casino are two leading sweepstakes casinos. Both platforms allow you to experience slots, table games, and other casino-inspired entertainment for fun. But each offers something distinctive from its counterpart – leaving many wondering which option best meets their needs.

Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino Overview

The blog post covers several sections: games, features, bonuses, customer service, community, and the interface. Here is a quick overview of each of them:

  • Games: Pulsz offers a more extensive library, but Chumba focuses on top-quality titles and unique options like bingo and Slingo. (Slight Win: Chumba)
  • Features: Pulsz offers automatic rewards through its VIP program, while Chumba emphasizes social interaction and fun contests. (Depends on Preference)
  • Bonuses: Chumba wins with the Chumba sign-up bonus and regular surprises, beating Pulsz’s more organized but less dynamic system. (Win: Chumba)
  • Customer Service: Pulsz has more visible contact options and advertises 24/7 support, giving them the edge. (Win: Pulsz)
  • Community: Chumba is the star for building a vibrant community feel and social interaction. (Clear Win: Chumba)
  • Interface: Both platforms prioritize user-friendly design and functionality, making this a tie. (Depends on Preference)

Overall Winner: Based on these points, Chumba Casino outperforms Pulsz in critical areas. Suppose you want to delve into the reasons why, make sure to read the in-depth analysis below.

What is Pulsz Casino?

The Pulsz Casino app is a prominent figure in the sweepstakes casino category, allowing players to experience a wide range of casino-style titles and participate in promotions for cash prizes.

Established in 2020, Pulsz has rapidly expanded its reach within the social casino market. Yellow Social Interactive manages this Gibraltar-based casino, extending availability across most US states.

Critical assets for Pulsz include its substantial game offering, attractive new user incentives, and ongoing features geared toward enhancing player engagement.

What is Chumba Casino?

VGW Limited has operated the Chumba online casino since 2017, propelling it to sustained popularity as a top-tier sweepstakes casino platform. Utilizing the sweepstakes model, Chumba delivers access to casino-inspired entertainment in many US regions where traditional online gaming is legal.

Upon initial contact, the Chumba Casino social sweepstakes platform attracts players with its enticing Chumba Casino bonuses, varied game options, and welcoming visual presentation. Additionally, its established name and extensive history bolster its favorable brand reputation.

Pulsz vs Chumba Casino – Which One is Better?

With a clearer understanding of both Pulsz and Chumba Casino, let us dive into a detailed comparison. We will analyze key aspects such as game offerings, rewards systems, user experience, and community features. This deep dive aims to reveal which platform holds greater appeal based on your unique preferences.

Games – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

The heart of any casino experience lies in its game selection. A wider variety keeps things fresh and exciting, ensuring players have options to suit their preferences.

Pulsz Casino Games

Pulsz games shine in terms of sheer quantity, with over 400+ options. Their massive game library boasts various categories, including:

  • Slots: Pulsz excels in slots, featuring hundreds of titles with famous names like Aloha Cluster Pays and Might of Ra (these are some of the best winning games on Pulsz, also). Players can expect engaging graphics, thrilling bonus features, and the potential for significant wins.
  • Table Games: This is where Pulsz falls short, offering only blackjack and Texas Hold’em. While functional, players seeking roulette or baccarat may need to look elsewhere.
  • Additional Options: Pulsz offers interesting additions like Pulsz Bingo, arcade-style games, and digital scratchcards. These provide welcome variety if you are looking to switch things up.

Chumba Casino Games

Though Chumba Casino Games takes a more curated approach, they have some games like Pulsz. The Chumba games library boasts around 150 games, emphasizing quality over sheer volume. Here is what you will find:

  • Slots: Like Pulsz, slots dominate Chumba’s selection, including titles like Stampede Fury 2 and Wild Whiskers. Plus, they feature thrilling progressive jackpots in the Chumba casino slot games section. 
  • Bingo: Chumba caters to bingo enthusiasts with a dedicated platform offering various rooms and game types. These are some of the best games on Chumba Casino, so we recommend you look at them. 
  • Slingo: Other games like Chumba’s bingo include Slingo, a unique blend of slots and bingo.
  • Table Games: Unfortunately, Chumba mirrors Pulsz in this area, offering only blackjack and Jacks or Better video poker. Increased variety in this category is a plus.

Who Wins?

It is important to note that Pulsz also has excellent quality in its game selection, with many games like Chumba Casino available. However, Chumba seems to prioritize delivering a slightly tighter collection of quality titles, especially with Chumba’s online slots.

Plus, adding bingo and Slingo gives Chumba a unique and exciting edge. Ultimately, based on game quality and overall experience, we must provide this round for Chumba Casino.

Features – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

Pulsz and Chumba Casino understand that a great casino experience goes beyond just the games. Each platform offers unique features and rewards to enhance your playtime.

Pulsz Casino Features

Pulsz Casino believes loyal players deserve tangible benefits. Their VIP Loyalty Rewards program kicks in from the moment you join, providing an ongoing sense of progress as you engage with the platform. It operates on a simple principle:

  • Playing games and purchasing Gold Coins generates points.
  • Climb through increasingly rewarding tiers as your points accumulate.
  • Each new tier unlocks amplified Gold Coin package values, exclusive bonuses, and personalized surprises.

Pulsz recognizes that sometimes you want to play away from your computer. They have covered you with a dedicated sweepstakes casino app for Android designed for streamlined casino action on the go.

Of course, the casino remains effortlessly accessible on mobile browsers if you prefer. While the mobile experience shines, the desktop platform still delivers better gameplay.

Chumba Casino Features

Chumba Casino prioritizes building a dynamic community experience for its players. You can engage with like-minded gaming enthusiasts and stay in the loop on current events by actively following their Facebook and Instagram channels. This, in turn, provides access to:

  • Regularly hosted contests and challenges for the chance to earn Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins.
  • Frequent giveaway opportunities and promotions add additional layers of excitement.
  • Direct interaction with fellow players and the Chumba Casino team to foster a sense of belonging.

Maximize your play potential by watching for Chumba’s ever-evolving purchase deals. These promotions deliver exceptional value on Gold Coin packages, occasionally coupled with bonus Sweeps Coins for that extra edge.

Chumba offers the “Chumba Casino Lite” mobile app for on-the-go play. Please note this focuses primarily on Gold Coin entertainment. The comprehensive desktop platform remains optimal for the complete Chumba experience, granting access to the essential Sweeps Coin feature.

Who Wins?

Both Pulsz and Chumba bring enticing features to the table. The best option depends entirely on your personal preferences. If you want automatic rewards based on frequent play, Pulsz offers a compelling loyalty program.

Meanwhile, if you love the chance for surprise bonuses and a touch of social interaction, Chumba’s giveaways and community focus might be more your style. Both casinos bring their unique flavor, so nobody wins in this section.

Bonuses – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

Pulsz and Chumba Casino recognize the value of rewarding players with ongoing incentives and bonuses. Let us take a closer look at what each has to offer:

Pulsz Casino Bonuses

Pulsz’s social casino greets new players with open arms, offering a generous welcome package to kickstart their experience. From the moment of registration, the Pulsz daily bonuses and bonus codes start flooding in: 

  • Welcome Bonus: New players receive a generous Pulsz sign-up bonus, including up to 367,000 Gold Coins and 32.2 free Sweeps Coins – setting a solid foundation for your experience.
  • Other Promotions and Offers:
    • Pulsz promotes player loyalty with various benefits.
    • Their daily login bonus scales are based on consecutive visits, encouraging regular engagement.
    • Their active presence on Instagram and Facebook also provides exclusive Pulsz sweeps coin deals. 

Currently, there are no Pulsz no-deposit bonus codes. However, you are given free coins upon signing up. 

Chumba Casino Bonuses

Chumba Casino establishes a welcoming atmosphere right from the get-go, providing a straightforward entry point for new players. However, its true strength lies in the promise of ongoing rewards and a thriving sense of social excitement.

  • Welcome Bonus: The Chumba welcome bonus (or Chumba Casino login free bonus codes) includes two free Sweeps Coins and a substantial 2 million Gold Coins, providing a solid starting point for new players.
  • Other Promotions and Offers:
    • Chumba differentiates itself with an emphasis on spontaneity and ongoing rewards.
    • Players receive daily bonuses at Chumba Casino by just logging in.
    • Moreover, their frequent social media giveaways inject regular elements of surprise and create a sense of community, with chances to win extra Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins just for engagement.

At this time, there is no Chumba Casino no-deposit bonus. However, you do get gifts as you create an account. 

Who Wins?

For Chumba Casino and social casino sites like Chumba, it is clear that Chumba is a clear winner here. Pulsz offers a well-structured bonus system, but Chumba’s focus on ongoing surprises and the ‘you never know when’ anticipation delivers a truly engaging experience. If you thrive on unexpected rewards and a dynamic interplay with the community, Chumba’s approach delivers a superior and exciting bonus structure.

Customer Service – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

Sometimes, even at the best casinos, questions or issues pop up. That is where a reliable customer service team makes all the difference. Let us see how Pulsz and Chumba handle those ‘need some help’ moments.

Pulsz Casino Customer Service

Pulsz online casino could make finding their customer support more accessible, but they offer a few ways to get help. If you have questions, here is where to look:

  • FAQ Section: Search this database for quick answers to common questions.
  • Email Support: For detailed help, email and explain your issue to the support team.
  • Dedicated Phone Line: This stands out from other social casinos. For payment problems, call 1 (424) 371-7304 for direct assistance.
  • Advertised 24/7 Support: Promising help anytime reinforces Pulsz’s commitment to timely assistance and player peace of mind.

Although sometimes hard to find at first, Pulsz demonstrates a willingness to serve players’ needs by providing a variety of support channels.

Chumba Casino Customer Service

Chumba Casino makes finding their help resources simple. Look for the “Contact Us” section in the top-right corner of their website. This takes you to their help center, offering two options:

  • Searchable Help Center: Here, you can browse topics or use keywords to find solutions for common problems.
  • Personalized Request Form: If you need more specific help, use this form to describe your issue in detail, including the category it falls under. You can even add screenshots to make things more transparent for the support team.

While Chumba does not promise 24/7 support, they prioritize timely responses by aiming to get back to emails within 48 hours.

Who Wins?

This round goes to Pulsz. While both casinos offer support resources, Pulsz makes their contact options more visible and convenient with a dedicated phone line and their claim of 24/7 availability. This accessibility gives them an advantage in the customer service category.

Community – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

A vital community element can transform an online casino from a simple gaming platform into a dynamic social space. Let us examine how Pulsz and Chumba approach this aspect of the player experience.

Pulsz Casino Community

Pulsz boasts a dedicated core player base. However, the platform must provide spaces designed to foster genuine connections within that community. You will not find established chat-based features to nurture meaningful player-to-player interactions.

Pulsz must maintain a vibrant social media presence where users can form bonds with like-minded individuals or directly engage with the casino team. Even the occasional giveaways, while providing some engagement, need to match Chumba’s relentless commitment to establishing a dynamic, ever-present community atmosphere.

Chumba Casino Community

Chumba Casino is the leading US social casino platform. Its relentless commitment is deeply rooted in this position. They cultivate a truly interconnected community experience. This is not just an empty declaration. The proof lies in their buzzing social media channels.

They run constant contests, generous giveaways, and the palpable back-and-forth between players and the Chumba team. This ignites a spirit of lively competition and genuine belonging. Chumba transcends traditional gameplay boundaries. Here, players forge shared moments of joyful anticipation and celebrate common passions.

Who Wins?

Chumba shines brightly in this category. If you value the social aspect of casinos, enjoy opportunities for interaction, and find excitement in engaging with fellow players within a dynamic online community, Chumba Casino delivers an undeniably superior experience.

Interface – Pulsz vs. Chumba Casino

Navigation and user experience are integral to creating a satisfying online casino environment. Let us examine the design and functionality of both Pulsz and Chumba’s platforms.

Pulsz Casino Interface

Pulsz displays an evident dedication to a refined user experience. Their desktop website boasts a stylish aesthetic with a carefully organized layout. Game thumbnails stand out visually, facilitating seamless browsing and game discovery. Players can efficiently search for specific titles, and loading times are fast. For added convenience, Pulsz offers a dedicated desktop app for direct installation.

Chumba Casino Interface

Chumba champions a clean, intuitive design. Their visually appealing game displays and streamlined site structure prioritize ease of use. Main categories like Slots, Bingo, and Table Games are prominently displayed, ensuring effortless navigation.

Additionally, managing Gold Coin purchases and Sweeps Coin balances is remarkably straightforward. Regarding gameplay, Chumba delivers flawlessly, with fast load times and no technical issues observed.

Who Wins?

This category results in a well-deserved tie. Pulsz and Chumba are committed to crafting user-friendly, visually appealing, and smoothly operating platforms. Whether you lean towards Pulsz’s polished contemporary design or Chumba’s focus on streamlined functionality, each casino proves exceptional in the interface department.

Pulsz vs Chumba Casino: Who’s Better?

Pulsz and Chumba Casino are top players in the social casino space, each offering a compelling variety of games and rewarding experiences. However, after careful consideration, Chumba Casino secures a slight advantage for several key reasons:

  • Games: While Pulsz boasts a more extensive library, Chumba delivers a carefully curated selection of high-quality titles, complemented by unique offerings like bingo and Slingo.
  • Bonuses: Chumba’s simple daily login bonus and exciting social media giveaways offer the consistent potential for rewards, surpassing Pulsz’s more organized, yet less dynamic, approach.
  • Community: Chumba excels in establishing a welcoming atmosphere. Their thriving social media presence fosters player interaction and offers frequent opportunities for surprise contests and prizes.

Though Pulsz should not be overlooked, its comprehensive VIP loyalty program, transparent promotions, and well-designed interface are definite strengths. If you place a higher value on predictable rewards and a streamlined user experience, Pulsz delivers an exceptional social casino platform.

The final verdict rests in your hands. Both casinos promise thrills, entertainment, and opportunities to engage with fellow players. Consider whether you thrive on the social aspect and unexpected rewards of Chumba or prioritize the polished organization and straightforward benefits of Pulsz. Either way, choosing either platform guarantees a tremendous social casino experience.


What is the most significant difference between Pulsz Casino and Chumba Casino?

While both social casinos offer free play, Chumba prioritizes a vibrant community atmosphere with frequent social media giveaways and contests for prize opportunities. Pulsz focuses on structured rewards through its VIP program and clear promotions.

Yes! Because they operate as sweepstakes casinos, Pulsz and Chumba hold broader availability across most of the US (some state exceptions apply) compared to more geographically restricted traditional online casinos.

Can I win real money prizes at Pulsz Casino or Chumba Casino?

Yes! Both casinos offer opportunities to win real cash prizes through their sweepstakes system. You play in a specific promotional mode using Sweeps Coins as entries, and any “winnings” from those can potentially be redeemed subject to meeting playthrough and legal requirements.

Which casino, Pulsz or Chumba, has better games?

This depends on your preferences. Pulsz has a more extensive library overall, while Chumba offers a curated selection of high-quality titles plus unique offerings like bingo. The “better” casino depends on whether you crave sheer volume or more focus on specific quality and variety.

Should I choose Pulsz Casino or Chumba Casino?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. If frequent social interaction and a chance for surprise prizes excite you, Chumba is a winning hand. If a streamlined experience with well-organized rewards is your ideal, Pulsz is an excellent bet. The best way to decide is to try both and see what feels most fun.

Can I play Pulsz or Chumba Casino on my phone?

Yes! Both casinos offer ways to play on mobile devices. Pulsz has a dedicated Android app and a mobile-friendly website, while Chumba Casino Lite caters to Gold Coin play for smartphones and tablets. Remember, the whole Chumba experience remains optimized for a desktop platform.

Do I have to deposit money to play on Pulsz or Chumba Casino?

No. As social casinos, the core experience at both Pulsz and Chumba centers around free play options. Purchasing Gold Coin packages is optional, enhancing playtime but never strictly required to enjoy the casino-style entertainment these platforms offer.

Does winning on Pulsz or Chumba guarantee a cash prize?

Not directly. Playing within the Sweeps Coins promotional system allows chances to win additional Sweeps Coins. It is essential to understand that only these promotional Sweeps Coins hold redeemable potential, subject to wagering requirements and legal regulations. However, instead of winning real money on Chumba or Pulsz, you can sometimes redeem free merchandise or something similar. 

Are there other online casinos like Chumba?

Yes! Several social casinos function on the same sweepstakes model popularized by Chumba. These platforms focus on fun, free slot games, occasionally including bingo or other casino-inspired entertainment. Popular features on these platforms include regular bonuses, promotions, and an emphasis on community engagement.

Are there casino games like Pulsz?

Yes! Many social casinos have a similar core concept at their heart. Most of these platforms prioritize offering various engaging slot machines, often supplemented by additional games like blackjack, roulette, or video poker. When evaluating Pulsz alternatives, consider whether factors like specific games, unique community features, or promotional structures are more appealing.

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